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        2024 HSS Newsletters

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Every month, Harbor Soaring Society distributes a Club Newsletter keeping each member updated with the latest club topics, local RC events, and club competition. We encourage you to see what's been going with our club. 



                                                                                                                                                                  Rev:  19 Dec 2022

1965 through 1974  -  No records.


1975 Review.  10 issues.  October, December missing.

       Jan    Competition sweepstakes final for 1974.

       Feb   First HSS participation in Southern California Soaring Clubs (SC-2).  Mike Fox assisted in forming SC-2, which has grown to                  as many as 80+ competitors per event.

       Feb    Mike Fox participated in HSS monthly competition.

      Aug    HSS Contest standings showed 27 participants.

1976 Review.  Only one issue included.

      Mar    Discussion of beginner soaring instruction.

      Dec    Posting of November contest results. Club savings account balance $301.87. Late start for officer nominations.

1977 Review.  11 issues.  January not published.

      Feb    Ben Clerx participated in monthly competition.  Note that monthly glider competitions typically have 15 to 30 entrants out                   of  50 to 60 club members.

     Aug    HSS eighth annual Western Soaring Meet and SC-2 contest.  80 entrants.

     Sept   Mile Square Hobby Association conducting model flying at Mile Square.  Membership cards cost 25 cents.

1978 Review.  All 12 issues included.

      Apr    Club roster indicates 56 members.

      July    SC-2 event at HSS had 65 entrants.

1979 Review.  All issues included except April, May, June not published.

      Feb    Monthly contests now reduced to 10 per year.  Competition classes are now divided into Expert, Advanced, and                                    Sportsman.  Skill levels defined.  Mike Costello participated. 17 glider competitions scheduled for 1979 (Sum of HSS and                      SC-2 events).

1980 Review.  All issues included except June and September not published.

      Mar    Membership Roster shows 44 members.

      July    HSS SC-2 event had 76 competitors.

      Dec    Meeting attendance dropped to 5 members each meeting.

1981 Review.  All issues included except June which was not published.

      May    HSS held an electric sailplane contest.  Motor runs were 3 to 4 minutes.

1982 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan     Roland Boucher held the first $1,000 electric sailplane contest.

      Feb    Newsletter began to be named “The Society Column”.

      Mar    FCC considering opening up 50 channels on 72 MHz band.

      June   HSS member Mac Freed passed away.

      July    At July meeting, the Mac Freed Memorial Trophy was inaugurated.

      Oct    Competition rules for electric sailplanes established.

1983 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan     Announcement of the first international FAI F3E (electric soaring) competition to be held in the United States at HSS field.

      Mar    Latest contest rules for SC-2 events (four pages).  Also, latest illustrated rules for electroflight competition.

      Apr    Results of the first international FAI F3E competition.  Five nations competed.

      May   HSS T-shirts now available.

1984 Review.  All issues included.

      Mar    Membership roster shows 56 members.

      Apr    Introduction of League of Silent Flight level requirements.

      Aug   How carbon fiber is made.

      Dec   Coordinates for 16 Eppler airfoils included in newsletter.

1985 Review.  All issues included except June which may not have been published.

      Jan     Membership roster shows 70 members.

      Sept   Carl Goldberg Memorial Contest.  One design,  Gentle Lady.  35 entrants.

1986 Review.  All issues included.

      Mar    12th annual Astro Electric Championships announcement.  Note control line speed etc.

1987 Review.  All issues included except February.

      Jan    Latest General Field/Safety rules, and Radio Impound rules.

      Mar   February HSS glider competition had 34 entrants.

      May   March 29 SC-2 event had 63 entrants.

      June  AMA Frequency Identification System for 22 channels of 72 MHz.

      July   HSS Constitution and Bylaws review.

      Sept  Membership roster shows 98 members.  53 compete in open class, 29 in 2 meter class.

      Sept  HSS FAI F3E contest results.  First, Jerry Bridgeman $1,000; second, Chuck Hollinger $650; third, Bobbi Gerbin, $250, etc.

1988 Review.  All issues included.

      Apr    City approves use of slope for hang glider take-off and landing practice.

      Sept  Mac Freed Field mentioned in New Business Meeting Minutes.  When adopted?

      Nov   Reference made in New Business concerning flying site location set by the city.

      Dec   SC-2 annual standings shown for 108 competitors.

1989 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan   Felix Vivas proposed an FAI F3E contest similar to that held in September 1987, with a $2,500 purse.  Member approval was                unanimous.  Schedule TBD.

      Feb   Field Improvement as specified in the Master Plan to begin February, and complete about mid June.

      June Three page dissertation by Larry Jolly on the Eppler205 airfoil.

      July   Rudder and fin design, and all-moving stabilizer design.

      Aug   Fuselage design, and use of composites.

      Sept  Lateral directional stability of model sailplanes.

1990 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan    Article on glass reinforced polyesters.

      Feb    Article on Composite Molding Techniques (Part 1).

      Mar    Article on Composite Molding Techniques (Part 2).

      Mar    Membership roster shows 114 members.

      Apr    Article on Composite Molding Techniques (Part 3).

      May   Article on Composite Molding Techniques (Part 4).

      June  Article on Composite Molding Techniques (Part 5).

      Sept   F3E World Championships held in Friestadt, Austria.

      Oct    Article on Composite Molding Techniques (Part 6).

      Nov   HSS Video Library.

      Dec   Article on Composite Molding Techniques (Part 7).


1991 Review.  All issues included.

      Feb    1991 contest schedule totals 25 contests,  11 are club contests, remainder are SC-2 etc.

      Mar    Membership roster shows about 120 members.

      Apr    SC-2 Event at Inland Soaring Society had 110 entrants.

      Aug   SC-2 mid-year standing shows 184 entrants.  HSS team standing is top of 6 clubs.

      Sept  Map of 5 local flying fields used by HSS pilots.

      Nov   Newsletter renamed Plane Rap.

      Dec   Curt Nehring began providing cartoons and word search matrices for the newsletter.

1992 Review.  All issues included.

      Sept  Video Library index for about 17 VHS tapes.

      Oct   Report of US team at F3E World Championship.  US took first place in team, Jerry Bridgeman 2nd, Jason Perrin 3rd, Steve                      Neu 7th in individual competition.

1993 Review.  All issues included.

      May   Introducing the Mako glider designed by Ben Clerx.

1994 Review.  All issues included except November.

      Jan    Plane Rap Masthead revised.

      Feb   Club votes to purchase its first winch.

      Dec   Jerry Bridgeman takes 1st place (individual) in World Championships.  USA team takes 2nd.

1995 Review.  All issues included except August.

      Jan     Assessment of NiMH vs NiCad batteries.

      Feb    Heavy rain filled up “Lake HSS”.

      Apr    First HSS auction at club meeting.  Minimum Lot value is $5.  A 5% processing fee goes to the club.  Everything goes on                       display before the meeting, and the auction occurs after the close of business.  Note that meeting attendance has been                         about 40 members.

      Oct    Plane Rap mast head revised.

1996 Review.  All issues included except February.

      Jan    The Back Bay slope flying site was formally closed due to development.

      May   HSS brought up the possibility of a storage container at the Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee meeting.  they                           requested further information.

      June  Interesting article on the destruction of a full size Baby Albatross at 12,000 ft altitude, and the pilots ride back down.

      July   City approves storage container.  Members voted to spend $2,900 for installation.

      Sept  Roger MacGregor invited the club to conduct the September meeting at his facility.

      Oct   Extensive article on Ni-Cad batteries.

      Dec   Membership roster shows 139 members.

1997 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan    Extensive article on dive testing, CG, and Balance.

      Mar   Club is asking for donations for a new “riding” mower, cost estimate $1,000.

      Apr   Final cost of installed container is $2,800.

1998 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan    New Plane Rap mast head and newsletter layout.

      Feb   Article on Fairy Shrimp.

      Apr    HSS has expanded winch procurement to include a “Mystery Winch” and a “Real Balls” winch.

      July   Cover photo of Chuck Hollinger and one of his powered canards.  Also photo of the new riding mower (last page).

      Sept  Results of 1998 World Championships in F5B, F5D, F3J.  5(?) HSS members.

      Oct    Preliminary discussions with the city involved possible electrical power to the shed.

      Nov   Fairview Park Report discusses a 1962 city law that restricts “motorized” model aircraft.  This needs to be revised in a                           “special electric rules” that revises this old city law.

1999 Review.  All issues included except August/September combined, and December missing.

      Feb    First mention of a HSS internet site.  It is a subset of .

      May   HSS has a formal web site courtesy of Steve Hendry. .

      Oct    Members approve $500 budget to install power to the storage container.

      Nov   Photos of the trenching party intended to bring power to the storage container.

2000 Review.  All issues included except January, July, and December all not published.

      Mar   An attempt to distribute newsletters by E-mail or fax was instigated,

      Apr   Dick Baxter discussed his (Adopt-A-School) program where he teaches model aircraft building and flying at a local Junior                    High School.

      Aug   F3J World Championship results.  USA Senior team 1st, Junior team 2nd.

      Sept  City approves Eagle Scout project to build the HSS information and bulletin board.

      Nov   First reference to HSS web site URL: .

2001 Review.  All issues included.  January is club roster only.  April,  May, June issues all one page.

      Sept  FAA temporarily shuts down  HSS flying field.  Steve Hendry identified as webmaster.

      Nov   Latest General Field Rules and field Safety.

2002 Review.  All issues included.

       Feb  Article on Paul MacCready’s Helios solar powered altitude record flight of 96,500 ft.  

      Sept  Fairview Park history from 1,500 BC to present.

2003 Review.  All issues included.

      Feb   Extensive article on Fairview Park Master Plan.

      Mar   Finalized Fairview Park Master Plan.

      May   Fred Hesse told to stop Adopt-A-School program efforts.  Later, this was approved in June.

      July    Adopt-A School program provides monthly reports.

      Aug   Torrey Pines Glider port receives first AMA National Historical Landmark plaque.

      Sept   Archiving of newsletters initiated.  Also, an article on the history of RC at Torrey Pines.

2004 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan    Draft version of the first tri-fold brochure assembled.  Subject to executive board approval.

      Mar    HSS participates in Community Expo celebrating 50 year anniversary of Costa Mesa. 

      Apr    HSS receives a $500 grant which will support Adopt-A-School program.

      May    Article on hi-start design and guidelines.

      June   Beginning of soaring problems at El Dorado Park, leading to field closure to gliders.

      July    First electric fun fly at Fairview Park.

      Sept   Casey Adamczyk assists F3J team in winning 2nd place at world competition.  Pictures in October issue.  Extensive article                     on Dr. Mark Drela’s latest design (Supra).

      Dec   Introduction of three level access to club web site.

2005 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan    Discussion of initial field planning (for grading), permits and insurance.

      Feb    Assessment of printed newsletters vs E-mail distribution.  New member, John Anderson presents new ideas for club growth.

      Mar    Article on working, scale, miniature aircraft engines.  Report on SpaceShipOne.

      Apr    Introduction of 23 ft span B-52, and its demise.  Walt Cloer builds Spruce Goose for Howard Hughes movie “The Aviator”.

      May    Jim Ward provides over 350 aerial photographs to OC River Park Organization as public service.  IRS assigns Entity                               Identification Number (EIN) for nonprofit organizations.

      July    New charging station courtesy of Tuan Le.  Explanation of “expanded” newsletters. Details and cost of Jim Ward’s photo                       plane. 

      Aug   Thank you letter for Jim Ward’s aerial photos provided to River Park organization.

      Sept   Grading of expanded runway done by city.  Extra photos included in color version of newsletter Alan Coccono achieves 48                   hour solar flight.

      Nov.   Several articles on new 5 year User Agreement for HSS at Fairview Park.

      Dec    Problems with model flying altitude and the FAA.

2006 Review.  All issues included except August not published.

      Jan    ASW 18 photo that became HSS newsletter flagstaff.

      Feb    AMA assessment of Fairview flying field.

      Mar    Announcement of HSS 5 year Use Agreement.

      Apr    2006 budget report.

      May   Latest Field Rules.

      Nov   F3J Junior Team (including Casey Adamczyk) take 1st place at World Championships.

      Dec   Complete copy of 5 year Use Agreement.

2007 Review.  All issues included.  Editor tended to make small issues.

      Apr   City Permit required to fly at Fairview park.

2008 Review.  All issues included.  Editor tended to make small issues.

      Apr    Reference to UCI Design/Build/Fly preparation at Fairview Park.

      Aug   Concept design of Frequency Board, an Eagle Scout project by Brian Stacey.

      Sept   Photo of the Frequency Board.

      Nov    More photos of the Frequency Board.

 2009 Review.  All issues included.

      Feb    Potential field improvements, two articles.

      Apr    More field improvement discussions.  $3,500 grant application filed with AMA.  HSS qualifies as Silver leader Club for 2009.

      May   Frank Colver gave a description of Harbor Slope Soaring Society evolving to HSS.  Jim Hanson established a web site for HSS                 photos.  New HSS web site .  A new motorcycle club has been formed as an adjunct to HSS.

      June  HSS member Rami Awwad is proposed to do the field improvements.

      July   HSS receives a $3,250 grant from the AMA for field improvements. 

      Aug   Three articles on field improvements.

      Sept  Report and photos of runway widening improvements, 28-30 July, finished 15 Aug.  Index of VHS library shows 33 titles                       involving documentaries, how-to topics and similar video subjects.

      Oct    Description of finished results and cost of field improvements.

2010 Review.  All issues included.

      Apr    Aerial photos taken by Jim Ward for the City.

      May   Dynamic soaring speed record of 416 MPH, revised to 445 MPH in June.   Jim Ward’s photo reconnaissance model.

      Sept  New solar powered endurance record of 14 days set by English team.  Revised club website.  HSS contributes $250 to Costa                 Mesa Community Foundation.

      Nov   Extensive article on Southern California Soaring Clubs (SC-2) operations.

2011 Review.  All issues included.

      Feb    First indoor fun fly at Tustin Blimp hangar.  Three day event with 40 flyers.

      Apr    Fun fly competition rules (also in May issue).  Photos of helicopter enthusiasts.

      May   Second indoor fun fly at Tustin blimp hangar.  Two day event.

      June  Report of indoor endurance record set at May event.  Also fun fly photos.  Youth Expo at OC Fairgrounds (more photos in                    August issue)

      Sept  Report on Runway Expansion Committee for 2011.

      Dec  City turns down runway expansion request.  Specifies 1 year extension to User Agreement to Jan 2013.  Indoor fun fly at                     Tustin blimp hangar scheduled for 27 Nov and 29 Dec.

2012 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan    Dihedral Calculator.

      Feb    AMA awards HSS our first Gold Leader Club Certificate.

      Mar   Tribute to Jim Ward.  Jim Hanson installed HSS imagery on YouTube.  UCI Design/Build/Fly project testing at Fairview.

      Apr   OC Parks Commission approves plan for Tustin Blimp Hangar and surrounding 82 acre park.  HSS is assisting so as to                           include indoor and outdoor model flying. 

      May   Electric powered aircraft design guidelines.

      Aug   Explanation of web site access levels.  Human powered helicopter.

      Sept  Several articles on the Tustin Blimp Hangar project.  3-D Aircraft Stabilizer (Gyro) article.

      Oct    Charging Station description.  Nanocellulose – A new building material.

      Nov   More on the Tustin Blimp Hangar project.

      Dec   AMA documents for First Person View (FPV) operations (4 pages).

2013 Review.  All issues included.

      Feb    Blimp Hangar Project Team meets with AMA at annual convention in Ontario.  HSS purchases a $100 brick for the AMA Walk                 of Fame in Muncie.  Two 6’ by8’ pieces of Astro-turf purchased for glider landing surface.

      Mar    Photo of HSS Walk of Fame brick.  HSS advertisement assembled for Costa Mesa Parks Department activity brochure.  To be                  printed quarterly.  John Rittenhouse prepares and submits 22 page application to place the Tustin Blimp Hangar on the                        AMA National Aeromodeling Heritage Program.

      Apr    HSS provides an indoor model flying demonstration at OC Parks public workshop at hangar.

      May    Article on flying demonstration at OC Parks workshop.  First electric aero tow event.

      June   City finally grants 1 year extension to HSS Use Permit.  This ends in Dec 2013.  AMA confirms HSS continued Gold Leader                      Club status.

      July    Follow up report of second Tustin Hangar public workshop that occurred 22 May, 2013.  first meeting of Fairview Park                          Advisory committee (5 pages).

      Sept   Extensive notes on second meeting of Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee.

      Nov    Origin of HSS by Frank Colver.  Report of partial collapse of Tustin North Hangar roof.

2014 Review.  All issues included.

      Feb    Decomposed granite path laid down by the city.

      Mar    Granite path removed.  Article with pictures.

      May   HSS procures a lap top computer.  Draft copy of latest Use Agreement (one year).  AMA approves John Rittenhouse’s                             application for Tustin Hangar to be national historic site.  Formal announcement made on P. 11 of May “Model Aviation”                       magazine.

      Jun    City Parks and Recreation Commission passes 5 year Use Permit.  Approval needed by City Council.  Not clear what are                         applicable dates, but this may carry into 2019.

      July   FAI definition of international model aircraft classes.

      Aug   Report on Tustin Blimp hangar collapse.  Investigation into model aircraft noise.

      Sept  Jim Sonnenmeier writes letter requesting assistance from the AMA.  Questionable article by OC Register on HSS turns out to                 center on noise.

      Nov   Dr. Gary Fogel gave lecture on history of flight.  HSS paints F9F at Lyons Park.

      Dec   Frank Colver gives history of HSS lecture at general meeting.

2015 Review.  All Issues included.

      Apr    UC Irvine Design/Build/Fly group test flies their entry at Fairview.  Articles on OC Parks and Tustin Hangar collapsed roof.

      May   David Miller revises HSS web site.  Three newspaper articles on Fairview Park plans.  Article on Park Scale (brand) kits for                        Republic Rainbow and Hughes XF-11.

      June   First reports of gravel path over part of vernal pond.

      July    Cal State Fullerton uses Fairview Park for UAV project development.

      Aug   HSS participates in Discovery Cube event.

      Oct    Fairview Park Preservation Alliance begins efforts to put control of the park in the hands of voters.

      Nov   Report on HSS participation in Scarecrow/Pumpkin Festival.  HSS takes first place.

2016 Review.  All Issues included.

      Jan    Beginning of FAA UAV registration.  Article on the different forms of spread spectrum.

      Feb    Voter initiative to protect Fairview Park gets on ballot for Nov 2016.  Latest field rules established (three pages).

      May   Richard Odle presented history of US Fish and Wildlife Service involvement with Fairview.  City begins revision of Fairview                     Park master plan.

      July   UC Irvine Design/Build/Fly team presentation to HSS.

      Aug   HSS Bylaws revised by Richard Odle.  Approved by membership November 1.

      Oct    AMA Final FPV/UAV operating rules issued.  (Four pages).

      Dec   Storage container painted.  Ballot Measure AA passed by 70% of voters.  This places control of Fairview Park in hands of                         electorate.

2017 Review.  All Issues included.

      Feb    Good Steering Committee meeting agenda.  Suggestions for events at electric fun fly.

      Mar    Extensive article on Lithium Polymer batteries.

      Apr    Civil Air Patrol conducts model flying lessons at Fairview Park for 15 cadets.  Rules for field maintenance.

      June   FAA registration requirement voided by Federal Appeals Court.  HSS teams with CAP in Imaginology event.

      Sept   City flying permit cost raised from $25 to $50 ($55 non-resident).

      Oct     First Dollar Tree foam Challenge design, build, and fly competition.

      Nov    Beginning of publication of Richard Odle’s 31 page history of HSS.  Runs for 5 months.

      Dec    Dollar Tree competition results.  HSS history continues.

2018 Review.  All Issues included.

      Jan    City install fencing and posts around vernal pools.   HSS history continues.

      Feb    HSS offered to donate to construction of a walking bridge across the vernal ponds.

      Mar    City removes (some) fencing as directed by the Fairview Park Steering Committee under the authority of Measure AA.  HSS                    history continues.

      Apr    Tribute to Richard Odle who passed away.  HSS history concludes.

      May   USA takes first place in individual and team events at 2018 Worlds F1D championships.  HSS participates in Orange County                   Imaginology event held at OC fairgrounds.

      June  SAE Aero Design West competition description.  This is a design/build/fly event for colleges.

      July   New model aircraft speed record of 545 MPH using dynamic soaring.  New FAA regulations for model aircraft (two articles).

      Aug   HSS participates in Costa Mesa Concerts in the Park, four evenings in July.

      Sept  Extensive article on set up of multi-motor aircraft.

      Oct    Bent Wing Competition results. 10 participants.  Trophies were HSS coffee cups.

      Nov   Article on FAA Reauthorization Act.  Scarecrow Festival report.  Huntington Beach Air Show report with photos.

      Dec   Dollar Tree Foam challenge (Design/Build/Fly) results.  Six entrants.  Final year to date results for 2018 SC-2 season.  76                     participants.

2019 Review   All issues included.

      Jan    Christmas party report.  Israeli anti-drone system description.

      Feb    World record for piston powered aircraft. 531 mpg for “Voodoo” P-51.

      Mar    Report on a ride in a Ford Tri-motor full size aircraft.  Article on pulse detonation engines.

      Apr    Pilot of the Month:  Jack Ras.

      May   Report on Imaginology event held 12-14 April.  HSS awarded a $980 grant to conduct a Takeoff And Grow (TAG) Open                         House at Fairview Park, and update our training planes.

      June  New FAA laws covering hobby aircraft and drones.  Storage shed was cleaned out and property inventoried.  HSS makes                       donation to 2019 Camp AMA.  @019 Chino Air Show.

      July   HSS received one year extension to Use Permit.  Also, comments from Daily Pilot.  Justin Tam receives the AMA Youth                           Leadership award.

      Aug   Feature speaker Dennis Brandt with his 5 meter Super Dimona and 5.5 meter ASK-14 motor glider.  Final copy of Use                           Permit. 

      Sept  Passing of Todd McAndrew.  Report on Zeke Seraphen shortly to graduate from CSLB as an Air force 2nd Lt.  TAG Open                         House planning.  HSS Property Inventory.

      Oct    On September 14 HSS held its TAG Open House.  Full report with photos.  Tribute to Walt Cloer.  Horizon Hobby Flight                         School program.

      Nov   EAA Young Eagles build and fly program.  TAG Open House write-up by OC Register.  Brushless Motor Basics article.

      Dec   President John Rittenhouse negotiates a Letter Of Agreement (LOA) with John Wayne FAA Flight Controllers that re-                               establishes our 400 foot altitude limit.  Letter included in newsletter.

2020 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan    Report and photos of the Dec 2019 Christmas party.  City of Costa Mesa Special Meeting report.  58 attendees.  FAA                             Knowledge and Safety Test.

      Feb    Lots of meeting minutes.

      Mar    Pilot of the month:  Mike Theile.  Young members Jordan Lapin and Jack Ras.

      Apr    Extensive revision of Flying Field Rules.

      Jun    Multi-page article on a flying car research project.

      Jul     Henry Smith and Joni Whitsitt succeeded in getting a 6 month extension to flying field use permit.  John Anderson became a                 Lieutenant in the CAP, involved with STEM classes.

      Aug   Extensive article on Soaring Theory.

      Sep   Article on ultra light Lithium/Sulfur battery technology.

      Oct    Article on the Celera 500 Bullet Plane.

      Nov   Field is closed by the City of Costa Mesa.  Proposed Rules Changes, and presentation at Fairview Park Steering Committee                     meeting.

      Dec   Proposed Use Agreement.  Virtual Christmas Party.

2021 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan     Report on virtual Christmas party.

      Feb    Discussion of Remote ID for modelers.

      Mar    Article on experimental electric plane from Airbus.  Article on fostering a more active flying club.

      May   Collection of model photos prepared by club photographer Rob Askegaard.

      Jul      AMA Trust safety test introduced.  Photo tribute to Walt Cloer.

      Aug   Spectrum news features HSS with links to video.

      Sep    Photo feature of War Birds and Classic Scale Fly-in at OCMA.  Latest version of Proposed Flying Field Rules.

      Oct    Comments on the Council meeting of Sept 21.  Collection of gliders and their pilots.

      Nov   Results of the Black Sheep Squadron Sig Cub challenge.  Huntington Beach Air Show photo coverage. 

      Dec   Description of TRUST, The Recreational UAS Safety Test. It provides education and testing for recreational flyers on safety                     and regulatory information.  Also included is FAA registration requirements.  Feature of “Doc”, a B-29 on display at Yankee                   Air Museum at Chino airport.

2022 Review.  All issues included.

      Jan    HSS becomes 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Letter from IRS included in newsletter.

               Article on De Haviland Mosquito at Planes of Fame Museum, Chino.

      Feb   Begin publishing search for new flying site.  First six possible sites in Feb issue. Other sites included in March through                           August issues.  Article on B-17 “Phuddy Duddy” at Lyons Air Museum located at John Wayne Airport.

      Mar   Monthly General Meeting date moved to second Tuesday of each month.  Possible flying sites 7through 12 published.

      Apr   HSS to participate in Imaginology on April 9-10.  Possible flying sites 13 through 20 published.

      May   Report on Imaginology with photos.  Thank you letter from Christine Gunst published.

      Jun    Article on B-17, B-25, and P-51 from the Arizona wing of the Commemorative Air Force.

      Aug   Membership descriptions revised.  Dues of Junior and Special Members reduced to $0.00.  Henry Smith III poses a possible                   flying site.

      Oct    Annual dues reduced to $15 per year. Article with photos on Reno Air Races.

      Nov   Continuing article on Reno Air Races.  Report on Scarecrow Festival.

      Dec   Report on Western Museum of Flight located in Torrance.





Flying Site Development Application

  1. Parks and Recreation Commission Agenda Report.  26 Jan 2005. This document confirms Commission approval of grading the runway.

  2. City of Costa Mesa support letter for AMA Flying Site Grant Application.  25 Feb 2009.

  3. 2009 Flying Site Grant Application to AMA.  28 Feb 2009.

  4. AMA On site review of proposed runway.

  5. AMA review of Use Agreement.

  6. Flying site development notes and Field Rules.

5 year Use Agreement, Charters, and Insurance.

  1. Parks and Recreation Commission Agenda Report 24 April 2014.  HSS requested 5 year extension.  It appears in attachment 2 that only one year was approved.

  2. Parks and Recreation Commission Agenda Report 27 March 2013.  HSS requested 5 year extension.

  3. Five year Use Agreement signed 3 Jan 2007.

  4. Five year Use Agreement signed 31 Mar 2006.

  5. City Council Agenda Report dated 7 May 2013 states one year Use Agreement.

  6. City of Costa Mesa Ordinance No. 07-01.

  7. AMA notification of Additional Insurance naming City of Costa Mesa.

  8. Chartered Club Certificates for HSS dated 31 March 2007 and 2008.

  9. City rules for issuing flying permits.

HP Notebook Computer.

  1. Best Buy receipts.

  2. Service Plan.

Adopt-A-School Records.

1.      These files cover the approximately two year period in which Fred Hesse conducted the AMA defined Adopt-A-School                           program.  A $500 grant was received from the AMA. Extensive donations were made by members.  Approximately 92 students             participated, over a period from January 2004 through July 2006.

Bylaws and City Code.

1.       Revised Bylaws dated 18 Sept 2016.  Dues raised to $25 per year.

2.       City Council Agenda Report dated 16 Jan 2007.  City Flying Permit fee set at $20.

3.       Copy of City Ordinance 07-01 dated 2 Jan 2007.

4.       Copy of City Resolution No. (TBS) dated 16 Jan 2007, followed by procedures for issuance of radio controlled model aircraft                  flying permit.

AMA Introductory Pilot Program.

1.       Program instructions for clubs conducting Introductory Pilot Program.

2.       Instructor Designation Form (Form#1).

3.       AMA Introductory Pilot Program detailed procedures.

4.       Introductory Pilot Program Student Pilot Registration Form (Form#2).


2011 Proposed Runway Modification.

1.      Proposal to the city for runway modification dated 10 Sept 2011.

2.      Parks and Recreation Commission Agenda Report dated 16 November 2011, dealing with User Agreement extension for one                 year, and proposed grading.

3.      Resubmittal of proposal to the city for runway modification dated 9 Nov 2011.  City Implementation Procedures for the                         Fairview Park Master Plan attached.

4       Chris Adamczyk’s comment on grading with survey drawing and touched up photo.

5.      Series of E-mails concerning grading.

Miscellaneous Documents

1.       AMA letter of appreciation for HSS donation to purchase of a $100 Walk of Fame Brick. Dated 19 July 2012.

2.       Certificates of Appreciation to HSS for participation in OC Fair, 2012 and 2013.

3.       Letter from US Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service dated 14 Nov 2013 directing the City to remove                              the decomposed granite path covering part of vernal pools 5 and 6.

4.       Revised text of Frank Colver’s Early History of HSS, dated 2 April 2009.

5.       Participant list for 29 December 2011 Indoor Fun fly at Tustin Blimp Hangar.

6.       Acknowledgement of Charitable Donation dated 30 June 2008 to John Anderson for assembled aircraft and kits to the                          Orange County Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

7.       Letter dated 23 September 2009 accompanying a $1,000 donation to HSS from Sam Lane in memory of Don Lane (brother).

8.       HSS Estimated Budget for 2011.

9.       HSS Property Inventory dated 2006.

10.     Inventory of Paper Files Transferred from Jim Hanson to John Anderson, dated 19 November 2008.

11.     Introduction, procedures and samples of Pumpkin Gliders.  Copyright 2014 by John Anderson.

12.     Three plastic envelopes containing HSS logos, local newspaper clippings, and Orange County River Park brochure.

13.     Historic Site Nominating Form, fully executed by John Rittenhouse.  AMA National Aeromodeling Heritage Program.                              Application for Marine Corps Air Station, Tustin, North Blimp Hangar.  This nomination was submitted about March 2013                      to the AMA.  Note:  AMA approved this nomination.  Formal announcement made on P.11 of May 2014 “Model Aviation”                        magazine.  Note:  Hangar roof collapse occurred about this time.  Plaque was never installed at site.

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