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Model Parts and Kits - Vendors

Model Parts and Kits Page
Vendor/Dealer List of  Model Aircraft Kits and Parts

Castle Creations - Electronic Speed Controllers
Dualsky - Motors, Batteries & Electronics
FrSky - RC Radios

Futaba - RC Radios
Graupner - RC Radios
Jeti Radio - RC Radios
JR PROPO - RC Radios
Matek Systems - Flight Controllers

MPI - Motors, Batteries & Electronic Parts

Neu Racing - Motors, Batteries & Electronic Parts
ProLine Electronics - RC Radios
Radio Master - RC Radios
RC Battery - Batteries
Spektrum - RC Radios
Thunderpower - Lipo Batteries

Hobby Shops and Distributors (Large variety of parts and products)
Aloft Hobbies - Model Glider & Parts
AMain Hobbies - Model Airplane Parts and Kits
Buddy RC - Model Airplane Parts and Kits

Brodak Manufacturing - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Dancing Wing Hobby - Model Airplane Parts and Kits
Dymond- Model Aircraft Parts & Kits
E-flite - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Elite Models - Model Airplane Parts and Kits
Esprit Tech - Model Motors and RC Radios
Extreme Hobbies - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Flight Test Store - Model Airplane Parts and Electronics
FlyBoyz - Model Airplane/
Glider Parts and Kits
FMS - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Graves RC - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Hangar One Kits - Laser Cut Aircraft Kits
Hobby Club - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Hobby King - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Horizon Hobbies - Model Airplane Parts & Kits

ICARE Hobbies - Model Gliders & Parts
Modellbau Lindinger (Austria)- Model Airplane/Gliders Parts & Kits
Model Shop Leeds - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Motion RC - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Mr.MPX - Multiplex (US Distributor) Model Airplane/
Gliders Parts & Kits
Nitroplanes - Model Airplane Parts & Kits

Pacific Coast Hobbies - Model Airplane Parts & Kits

Pegasus Hobbies - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Radical RT - Hobby Shop Model Airplane Parts & Kits 

RC Japan - Hobby Shop Model Airplane Parts & Kits
RC Visions - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Sarik Hobbies - Model Airplane/Gliders Parts & Kits
Singapore Hobby Supplies - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Sussex Model Center - All Types of Model Aircraft, Gliders Parts & Kits
Top Model CZ - Model Airplane/Gliders Parts & Kits
Tower Hobbies - Model Airplane Parts & Kits

Model Airplane Parts (Manufacturers of model aircraft components) 
APC Propellers - Model Airplane Propellers
DU-BRO RC - Hardware Accessories and Hobby Tools
Falcon Propellers - Model Airplane Propellers
Mecoa (Model Engine Company of America) - All types of Vintage and New Engines
National Balsa - Source for Balsawood

OS Engines - Model Airplane Engines
Robart Manufacturing - Model Airplane Parts

Sullivan - Model Airplane Parts

Model Airplane/Glider Kits (List of model aircraft manufacturers & distributors)
ARMSOAR - Model Glider & Parts
Balsa Builder - Model Airplane Plans
Balsa USA - Model Airplane Parts & Kits

Ben Buckle Vintage - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
BMJR - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
CLM PRO - Model
Gliders & Parts   
Easy Built Models - Mod
el Airplane Parts & Kits
Eureka Aircraft Company - Model Airplane Parts & Kits 
FAI Model Supply -
Free Flight Parts & Kits
FlightPoint - Model
FokkeRC - Composite and Wooden Scale Airplane Kits

Guillow's - Model Airplane Parts and Kits
Hanger One Kits - Laser Cut Aircraft Kits
Hobby Club - Model Airplane and Glider Parts & Kits
Hummingbird Model Products - RC
Glider Kits
HyperFlight - Model Glider Parts & Kits
J&K Aerospace - Model
Glider and Free Flight 
Kennedy Composites - Model Gliders & Parts
Laser Cut Plans - Model Airplane Kits
Laser Cut
Sailplanes - Short Kits & Plans
Laser Design Services - Model Aircraft Kits
Manzano Laser Works - Model Airplane/
Glider Kits
Maxford - Model Airplane Parts & ARF
Micro Birds - Micro
Gliders Airplane Kits
Micron Wings - Micro RC Airplanes and Parts
Multiplex (Germany) - Model Airplanes 

Old School Models - Model Airplanes & Parts
Park Flyer Plastics - Model Airplanes & Parts
Peck Polymers - Model Airplanes Parts & Kits
Pilot Models (OK Model, Japan) - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Proctor - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
RedwingRC - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Scale Soaring - Model
Glider Parts and Kits
Seagull Models - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Sig Manufacturing - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Glider Kits
SoaringUSA - Model Glider Parts & Kits
Stevens Aeromodel - Model Airplane Parts and Kits
The Balsa Workbench - Model Airplane/
Glider Kits
The Vintage Model - Model Airplane Kits

VQ Models - Model Airplane Parts & Kits
Willy Nillies Hobbies & Crafts - Model Airplane/


Buyer Beware - The following vendor list is current as of the date of it's creation (10.30.2023). The model aircraft hobby is changing (not for the better). Sadly, old venerated distributors and manufacturers are shutting down, or already gone. As such, purchasers should confirm (google search, RC Groups search) the status of the vendor prior to purchase. Also note that many of the included vendors are located outside of the United States, as such, VAT (Value Added Tax) and considerable shipping cost maybe applicable!  If you are aware of other vendors deserving of inclusion (or are aware of unscrupulous vendors listed below), please contact us at

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