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Welcome to Harbor Soaring Society Website

Harbor Soaring Society is the oldest Chartered Soaring club in AMA founded almost 60 years ago in the Newport Beach area. Our soaring enthusiasts fly winch launch, discus launch, aero tow and limited motor run gliders up to 4 meters (13 feet) wingspan. HSS members are regular competitors in soaring contests around Southern California. We hold at least one contest at our field every year. 

In recent years we have been joined by members who fly all sorts of electric powered aircraft. Our members fly scale, sport, aerobatic and 3D airplanes of all sizes up to 10 lbs maximum weight. We also welcome helicopters and multi-rotors under 10 lbs take off weight.  HSS has a very complete intro program for people wishing to learn how to fly. Your first lessons are free, HSS will furnish an airplane, radios, batteries and the instructor at no cost to the student. More information about this can be found elsewhere on our website. Please come out to our field to meet our friendly members and fly with us.

Photos taken 1.9.2022
Photos taken 11.26.2021
Video taken summer of 2018
Coyote walks runway, video taken February 7, 2021
History of HSS

Founded in 1962 with only 10 members, HSS is the oldest AMA registered Charter in the United States. Early years, all flying was done off the Bluffs. In the 1980's HSS progress to include Winch Lofted "Thermal Flying" and Fairview Park in Costa Mesa became the preferred site for flying.

Flight Training

Learning to fly a radio-controlled airplane is one of the most rewarding challenges and hobbies you can undertake. Flying a good performing airplane is a pleasure beyond description; it's a hobby you can enjoy for a lifetime, and it's not as difficult as you might think. 

Fly like a Pro

There is a lot to learn about the sport of RC Flying Airplane. This section get you started on a exciting journey to become the best pilot you can be. Let's take to the skies