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Joining Harbor Soaring Society

Weclome all ages to come join us. 


Here you will find all you need to get up and flying with Harbor Soaring Society. Let's get started.


  1. Membership in Harbor Soaring Society requires membership in the  Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Membership includes a $2,500,000 public liability insurance policy, and a monthly magazine called Model Aviation. Click Here to Sign Up

  2. Harbor Soaring Society Membership Application

    • Annual senior dues are $25 per year

    • Junior Membership (16 and under) $10 per year


Fill out the form below 
*AMA Membership is required prior to completing HSS form below.
Please visit The Academy of Model Aeronautics Membership website.

Once you obtain your AMA Membership ID number, please fill out the form below.
For more information about the process please contact us by Email


New applicants making application between November 1st and December 31st will pay the annual rate indicated above and such dues will make the new member paid in full from November 1st through the following year.


A signature on the application is required from all renewing Harbor Soaring Society members, and applicants, agreeing to comply with the current AMA Safety Code and the current HSS General Field rules and Field Safety Rules found Here.


Note that a City of Costa Mesa permit is required to fly at Fairview Park.  Cost is $50/yr for an Adult Permit. $55/yr for a Non-Resident Adult Permit. $30/yr for a Learner's Permit (Ages 6-14). $35/yr for a Non-Resident Learner's Permit (Ages 6-14).  Click Here to download City of Costa Mesa Permit Application.  Its important that everyone ready the Harbor Soaring Society Bylaws. You can read the Bylaws with this PDF Link.

Remote control airplane club in Costa Mesa, CA
Remote control airplane club in Costa Mesa, CA
Remote control airplane club in Costa Mesa, CA

Updated: 12-30-2020

HSS Membership

You also can download our form

and mail in with your payment.