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Welcome to the World of RC Flying

New to the world of radio controlled model aircraft? Here are some articles to help you familiarize yourself with the basics.

This is just a start. Come to one of our monthly meetings and meet other enthusiasts, join the fun and get familiar with the local R/C flying community.

Tips for Newcomers to RC Flying

Welcome to the exciting world of miniature aviation. Questions and answers are an important part of any new undertaking, and to make your entry into this sport/hobby a little easier, here are some simple suggestions to consider once you've decided to take the "big step.”

Guide to RC Flying

Learning to fly a radio-controlled airplane is one of the most rewarding challenges and hobbies you can undertake. Flying a good performing airplane is a pleasure beyond description, it's a hobby you can enjoy for a lifetime, and it's not as difficult as you might think.

Remote control airplane club in Costa Mesa, CA
Take Control of the Flight

Take to the controls with ease. This section will give you a great nderstanding of how to control your airplane. As well as leaning how they work togther while in flight. So lets get started.

Remote control airplane club in Costa Mesa, CA
Radio Systems

"The RC airplane radio system is the heart and brain of radio controlled model airplanes!"  There is no point in breaking the bank to get a radio with all the bells and whistles if you don't need them or can't use them with the RC airplanes you plan to fly.

Remote control airplane club in Costa Mesa, CA
Welcome to the Club

Our field is in Fairview Park, City of Costa Mesa. This park is about 200 acres of open space and about 20% of this space can be used for flying R/C. We have a 300 foot x 40 foot dirt runway and a 400 foot winch launch system. Costa Mesa requires all persons flying in Fairview park to have a permit which the city will issue for a $25.00 fee. The city limits models to a maximum of 10 lbs take off weight and 400 foot maximum altitude. Look elsewhere on this site for addition important safety rules that apply at our field. 


HSS has a very complete intro program for people wishing to learn how to fly. Your first lessons are free, HSS will furnish an airplane, radios, batteries and the instructor at no cost to the student. More information about this can be found elsewhere on our website.

Remote control airplane club in Costa Mesa, CA
Joining the Academy of Model Aeronautics


Contact AMA today to learn how you can join one of the world's most thrilling and high tech sports, model aviation. Whether you want to hear the whine of a turbine-powered jet, learn to fly a helicopter, pilot your own giant-scale aircraft, or enjoy a quiet afternoon soaring your sailplane with friends, the AMA can show you where to find instructors, how to become involved, and help answer almost any question.

Come Out for a Test Flight

Come out the field and spend some time up in the air. Get a feel for what is involved before spending the money with buying your own plane and parts. Ted Broberg is our expert trainer, he will get you up in the air with our trainer airplanes so you can see and experience the thrill of flying Remote Control Aircraft. If you like flying you can train with Ted to sharpen your skills even more. Fill out the form to make contact with Ted.

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