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Welcome to Imaginology 2021! This year, this will be a virtual event. Please click these links and explore the wonderful world of aviation! Harbor Soaring Society hopes we can all return to seeing each other in person soon, and we would like to greet you if our flying field reopens later this year. 

On that note, we could really use some help from you. Like everyone else, our activities have been severely curtailed due to covid. We had been hopeful about getting permission from the city to reopen in the summer, but recently the Fairview Park Steering Committee voted to not allow us back to the field where we have been flying for almost 60 years. We may eventually be allowed to fly in the same area as the trains, but this will not occur for 2-3 years.

The Costa Mesa City Council will make a final decision at their June meeting. We would greatly appreciate the support of the public at this meeting.   Email:

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Click Here for Sound

Harbor Soaring Society - The Joy of Flight

Harbor Soaring Society Introduction by Ted Broberg 
Basic Flight Controls
Kalib Explains How to Fly RC 
Click Here for Sound
Click Here for Sound
Harbor Soaring Society Member Flying RC Model
Harbor Soaring Society Flight Simulator Instruction
Harbor Soaring Society Imaginology Photos
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