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During World War II, two large blimp hangars were constructed as facilities for military blimps used as reconnaissance aircraft for west coast defense. The facility is situated East of the 55 Freeway and South of Edinger Avenue, immediately South of the City of Tustin, in Southern California. The North hangar has been designated as a national historic site, and is to be preserved (the South hangar presumably will be torn down in the near future). One of the largest free standing wooden structures in the world, the North hangar is about 1,000 feet long, 300 feet wide and 178 feet high. Because of the spectacular size of this hangar, it is superbly appropriate for indoor model aircraft as is shown in its historical use.

Field Closure Notice

The runway and associated glider winch line path are closed until further notice. Updates will be sent to the membership when they become available!



1.28.2021                                  HSS Flying Field Negotiations Status

As all are aware, the Harbor Soaring Society has been in the midst of negotiations with the City of Costa Mesa to renew our field “Use Permit”… for some two plus years.  On January 28, 2021 club president Mike Costello submitted the latest club “Proposal”. The contents of which can be viewed here: 1.28.2021 - HSS Proposal



12.31.2020                                        Notice From Incoming President


Good bye, 2020! We certainly will not miss you! Hello, 2021. We have great hopes for you. As a club, we have a lot of work to do this new year. In order to regain use of “our” field, we must convince the administrators of Fairview Park that we are not a nuisance, and that we are, in fact, an asset to the park and to the city as a whole. In October, we presented to the Fairview Park Steering Committee a proposal outlining how HSS could coexist with other park users; this proposal was rejected by the committee. We put out the word to the membership to contact the city council members and members of the Parks, Arts, and Community Services Commission in support of HSS before their mid-November meeting. It turned out that is was extremely unlikely that PACS would override the FVPSC decision, and that HSS would be better served to withdraw our proposal and start over. The city sent a list of issues, and Henry and I went over it with a fine-tooth comb so we could draw up a new proposal that responds to each of these issues. This new proposal will be sent to the administrators in January, to be reviewed, modified if necessary, and presented to FVPSC at their February meeting. Regardless how the proposals go, no one will be flying at Fairview until COVID restrictions are lifted. With luck, masks and the new vaccines will get rid of this virus soon, and life can begin to get back to normal. I would not expect flying to resume for several months, maybe as long as summer. I want to thank the 2020 slate of officers for doing a good job in an otherwise awful year. Henry Smith III, John Rittenhouse, Don Wittenberg, Fred Hesse, Joni Whitsitt, and probably others (forgive me if I left you out) worked long and hard on trying to make progress with the city. As a group, we will keep working until we are allowed back on the field. Some of you may be wondering just who is this new president guy anyway? Some may remember me from my 20 years at Hobby Shack, starting in 1974 in Buena Park, and becoming the first store manager at Fountain Valley. I learned to fly with gliders at the Fairview Park slope, although it wasn’t yet called that. I moved on to power planes, flying sport and pattern, but always had a few gliders. I used to stop at the bluff to fly after my shift at the store, flying until the sun went down. I was an HSS member during the late 70s-early 80s and flew in our monthly contests. Eventually kids came along and modeling went dormant. Since returning in early 2017, I’ve been flying a few electrics: Piper Cub, Radian XL, 1.4m polyhedral Ascent, and a little foamie Hobby King sport plane.


Happy New Year - Mike Costello - HSS President




11.28.2020                                        HSS Flying Field Negotiations Status

The latest proposal submitted by HSS has not been received well. It is my opinion that the city wants HSS to have Marshalls or Docents or whatever at the field whenever the field is in operation. This requirement would place a large burden on HSS to supervise the field when most of the users are not members and thus probably not sharing the duties of Marshall. The city also wants the flight training program formalized and documented. In my opinion this is easier than furnishing supervision at the field. Lots to think about.

Henry A. Smith III
Harbor Soaring Society

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