HSS Events Calendar 2021

HSS Planned Activities and Events

 Repeating activities include:

  • Monthly General Meetings - 7 to 9 PM on the first Tuesday of each month.  Held via Zoom until further notice. Logon instructions will be sent via email prior to meetings.

  • Monthly Steering Committee Meetings - 6 to 7 PM on the first Tuesday of each month.  Held via Zoom until further notice. Logon instructions will be sent via email prior to meetings.

  • Flying field maintenance on an as-needed basis.

  • Quarterly meetings with the Orange County Parks Department.  Coordinated by Theresa Sears.

Singular events:

  • September 2022 FRIA (FAA Recognized Identification Area) application submission start date.

Annual Events:

  • 2.10.2023      Wix, website management payment due.

  • 3.23.2024      Wix, harborsoaringsociety.org domain name re-registration payment due.

  • 7.2023           Network Solutions, 1hss.org domain name re-registration payment due.

  • 3.2023           Network Solutions, 1hss.org  forwarding service re-registration payment due.

  • March            AMA charter and “Gold Leader Club” renewal.

  • March            Club must purchase “Certificate of Liability Insurance” from AMA.

  • April               Imaginology  -  This is a public service event held at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  HSS provides booths                                      containing static displays of model aircraft, build and fly paper gliders, and model flight simulators.

  • June              Southern California Soaring Clubs (SC-2) glider competition. HSS hosts local glider clubs, for one of the                                            monthly events held throughout Southern California.* 

  • July                Concerts at the Park - Three evenings on Tuesday nights in July at Fairview Park. Music is sponsored by the City of                        Costa Mesa.  HSS supports this public service event with a pop-up sunshade, and static display of model aircraft.

  • July                Bent Wing Glider Competition. This event is open to all club members and guests.*

  • August           National Model Aviation Day. Open house, demonstrations, free flying lessons, and acquiring donations for charity.*

  • August           Dollar Foam Design/Build/Fly competition.  Tentative schedule. Aircraft are original designs, electric powered RC                              models made from a single sheet of paper backed 1/4” foam.  Performance criteria to be determined.

  • September    Electric Fun Fly Competition.  Tentative schedule. Multiple events are planned for club members and guests.

  • October         Pumpkin Festival/Scarecrow Competition.  This is a public service activity for HSS.  It is planned by the city,                                      to beheld at the Orange County Model Engineers railroad facility in Fairview Park. 

  • October          Nominations made for new club officers.

  • November      New club officer election. General Meeting. 

  • December      Christmas party and new club officer installation.  Location to be determined.


* Note: Historical events are not currently scheduled, and are included for reference purposes only!